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Fault module channel

Fault module channel Sometimes come across clients who still use the old model TVs ZUSTST. You can tell rarity, but often these TVs still have to repair. Especially when you take a suitcase and a trunk radio parts and ride through the villages to repair radio equipment. Judging from practice, it is very often the radio module channel module and program selection out of tune. If you say that there is no image or no sound, some distortion, the brightness is not adjustable or the same song with contrast. Or so to say side glare picture or simply dancing, it is all the unit radio channel. In General it is decided here are some organize all the material from his little head, for future generations. For example, consider a situation with a TV, a raster, but the sound and no image. Most likely just such a failure occurs due to a failure of the IC or the device itself to select channels, it is also possible that the fault lies in the sub module of the radio channel SMRC-2. And maybe the power to ARU gone, too, are not uncommon. Begin repairs need to measure the supply voltage 12 to the control points. Put the probe on 8 connector contact SMRC-2. Also check the voltage settings, it varies in the range from 0.5 and up to 27 volts. Voltage looking at 6 slats x2(A1) in the control unit. If there is no naprawa, watch the voltage regulator, it should give 30V. To search for the fault in the control unit, there is VD1 R8 R6. In principle, it is the most common failure, missing supply voltage. Considering the fact that TV as it seems to be of the same type, but the blocks are put together quite differently. If there is a unit SVP-4-6, then pay attention to the first and second gain stages collected on VT1 VT2, if there is a block CCA-1, then consider a trigger cell, any transistor can be damaged or broken. Just look all the diodes from VD21-VD28, they too often sweep. Another look at the module MRK-2 there is a capacitor, which dries up and fails is C1. If for example there is no voltage but the UK when it is off, you should look for the reason in the selector. that is actually what I wanted to say about the loss of voltage and searching in the receiving channel of the TV series ZUSTST.

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