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Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain? Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain?
If you want to build a computer on what that image and likeness, then in that case you have to copy it exactly.... [2017-03-12]

 Scientists: the human brain unique Scientists: the human brain unique
People say, "our brains work differently, but nevertheless they are unique," and at this stage of the tests, a team of scientists from the University Carnegie Mellon has proven that it is literally so.... [2016-11-20]

Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet
Have you ever been at a reception at the therapist? The doctor first takes the Stethoscope and starts to listen to your heart and lungs, for the presence of a heart murmur or rales in the lungs, if not, then the doctor ex... [2016-01-09]

It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy! It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy!
Previously, not one physician or group of physicians so definitely not claimed to use smartphones not very desirable. There have only been warnings about that.... [2015-03-06]

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Scientists at Mars, found something interesting...

Scientists at Mars, found something interesting... Scientists are more and more closely engaged in the Mars topic, someone is looking for water, someone is looking for the delivery of astronauts to the planet, but probably the most interesting is in terms of "have there Been any life on the planet and if so, in what form and kind ". On the surface of Mars runs long the Rover of the last generation judging by the pictures that leaked in the public domain, on the surface a lot of things on what is closer to work. For example driving along the edge of Gale crater the Rover`s camera captured the effects of water flow when in the distant past there was torrents. There are taken samples of soil showed the presence of zinc, germanium in proportions much higher than in other places on the planet. If the increase was two times, the scientists would not have noticed it, but in this case zinc, and Germany more than 100 times than that elsewhere, where previously were taken for the analysis of soils.
Scientists believe that zinc and germanium in large proportions are found only there, where the long flowing hot fluid. For example, where the geysers on Earth the same pattern of these elements in the sediments. Warm springs in which bubbling of hydrogen sulfide on Earth is unique refuge for flora myrrh, which is used to such an environment. Scientists suggest that these organisms and worth looking for on Mars in the sediments, with high probability they were the first settlers on the red planet.
Scientists on Earth found meteorites from Mars and they had previously been evidence that Mars had once been the place to be hydrothermal activity. In order to understand the process of hydrothermal processes on Mars, the researchers first created a mathematical model of the processes, adjusted for the ground conditions of flow.
The fact that the Rover is on a section of Gale crater have found evidence of hydrothermal activity is already a big thing, scientists now have a better chance to put forward any theory on the origin of life in the past while on this lifeless planet in the present. There is a strong likelihood that hydrothermal sediments store the answer to the question "whether there was life on Mars in the distant past "
At this time, the American Rover sails the base of mount sharp in the Gale crater, all of the hills here have probably formed no later than 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago, this area apparently was a huge meteorite. Then the slopes of the crater in the lower tier of the millions of years of dripping water. Mobile laboratory-the Rover using a hand manipulator took some samples from the slope of the crater and examine it thoroughly. The possibilities of laboratory APXS such, it can identify the 16 elements and calculate their percentage content in the sample. In addition, there is also a special scanner Chemistry and Mineralogy, which studies what takes out from the depths of the drilling rig. The results are there and they are quite positive. In previously collected samples Germany not detected, it is possible there was, but it was too little, so that the lab he was found using his method of analysis. Zinc also has not appeared in the samples a lot. When studied sample from the slope of the crater, it became clear that the concentration of zinc in there 100 times higher than that in the other place, where previously the samples were taken for analysis. It turns out that if the slope of Gale crater in the ground a lot of zinc, and Germany, then there was obviously in the distant past hydrothermal activity. Perhaps, when there fell a meteorite, water on the surface was in abundance, and the impact gave rise to hot streams of hydrothermal waters. After hitting flowed hot springs from the depths of the planet and over time, the sediments concentrated so zinc, and Germany. Another group of scientists believes that the fact that the slope found is a product of volcanic activity. Maybe even here and the wind blew sediment from somewhere ... the sea of Options, but life was never found, only assumptions and hypotheses:)

Amazing Anomalies on Mars Surface That Will Prove Life Exists

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