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Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain? Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain?
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 Scientists: the human brain unique Scientists: the human brain unique
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Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet
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It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy! It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy!
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Scientists believe that in the future for astronauts Anubis in the process of flight is commonplace

Scientists believe that in the future for astronauts Anubis in the process of flight is commonplace If you like to watch science fiction, you probably noticed that in any movie when it comes to long-distance travel we are talking about suspended animation and it is so familiar to astronauts that there is no question, and whether this condition is inherent to ordinary people from our not fantastic time.. In fact, to send a person without any physiological changes in a long hibernation science can not yet, but to dream in this direction did not stop either when. What is a long-term hypernation This is the state of the human body in which the metabolism is reduced to the minimum, and all manages portable electronics. Which monitors the oxygen content in the blood and the temperature in the chamber, in General, so far no suitable electronics, no experience of immersion in a long sleep either. Scientists, in principle, have medical person can plunge into long sleep, but at some stage in the stomach fluid accumulates and starts a gag reflex. Yet without this process of long-term hibernation does not work, apparently you need to put catheters into the stomach and as the collection of fluid just to tonirovat. Maybe then you will be able to sleep more without any active reflex messages. Some scientists are on the path of mechanical release of the stomach from fluid during sleep, others are trying to find a drug solution and reduce the secretion of fluid in the stomach during sleep to the desired minimum life, so that the usual rush of vomiting did not occur during sleep. If you still manage to put a person to sleep for a long time, many are not yet curable diseases in the future will be cured, and patients will simply be sent to hypernation until better times. In the space industry is still much more prosaic, astronauts will fall asleep at the start, and Wake up unaware of the past time is already where you need and where without them the space mission can not do.
Scientists from New Orleans have gained a lot of experience in this direction, they are quite successfully able to cause synthetic hypernation in people for a short time. As a base in studies taken of the observation of the process in animals in the natural environment. Frogs in the absence of moisture buried in the ground and go into hibernation until the next rainy season. Bears in winter fall asleep in the den and suck his paw. And so on, there are many examples of short hypernation.
Mystery of hibernation
Immersion in a long sleep in a long flight is probably one of the best solutions in space, otherwise it will not work, the cost of the flight will be multiplied. Although bears, hedgehogs and squirrels hibernate only in winter, scientists want to apply their experience to controlled hypernation. The animals fall asleep probably because the food is small, cold and not favorable through this period better than in the unconsciousness, at a minimum the automatic regulation of the living organism, on the very minimum of its activity. The astronauts, in principle, food reserves are always limited, but to link the transition to hypernation with the lack of food as it is not yet possible. Man is not a thick-tailed lemur, which slows down dramatically if the metabolism where he lives little food.
A person needs to be physically deceived medically, thereby awakening in him the automatic functions of preservation in an unfavorable period of life. Someone offers to freeze the person so that the metabolism in the cells during the freeze would be zero. It can be. There are examples from life. As the radiologist Anna Bagenholm fell through the ice before being saved had been in cold water for over 80 minutes, it was in the cold waters off the coast of Norway. I skied and got into cold water for 80 minutes. When she pulled out, the doctors pronounced him dead. There was no pulse, no breathing, and her body temperature was 13.7 degrees. When it began to gradually warm up, the body began to acquire a pink hue and began to come to life. A day and heart start in a normal rhythm, but after 12 days she opened she eyes. After a course of rehabilitation Anna Bagenholm fully restored her health. This clinical experience suggests that people can recover from a condition with a strongly suppressed metabolism in the tissues. By lowering the body temperature, scientists treat many diseases, from brain diseases to limb injuries.
In the process of freezing tissues, they even with no blood, do not die, the process of polojenia oxygen is rapidly falling, and accumulated in the cell of nutrients is enough for a large amount of time functioning. Chinese scientists have already tried to freeze people for up to two weeks, and then defrost and lead them to normal life. The experiments were successful.
NASA also did not lag behind the leaders in the study of gibernatsii, the Agency has contracted SpaceWorks from Atlanta and is now preparing to develop hibernator just for that moment as a real trip to Mars would be technically possible to implement. To Mars to fly a total of 9 months, although it is not long and it would be possible without hibernator to do, but in the case when on Board a lot of atronauts for 9 months, they eat a lot of food, and if sleeping, instead of food you can take on Board that the bole is useful for Missy. Long sleep during the flight may protect the body from prolonged absence of gravity and disastrous cosmic radiation.
By the way, while the astronaut will sleep, his muscles will be stimulated forcibly and as a result after hibernation there will be no atrophy, and feelings of weakness. In addition, while you sleep and fly, there are no mental problems associated with communication, there is no such problem as loneliness. NASA has accomplished a lot in the development of hibernator, but still the level that is, it`s not what you need to accomplish to say for sure that during flights in space will be safe to use American hibernator. The experiments were sometimes complications due to prolonged dormancy of mobile company that provides to thicken the blood, might be bleeding, and even liver failure. There are many options and all have not yet been studied properly. If such complications arise from the astronaut, then in the conditions of the ship it has no one and under no circumstances will not save, the death is inevitable.
THE long hibernation for animals as it is not harmful that`s all they know, but really until the direction is poorly understood and scientists do not really know that hedgehogs and squirrels occurs in conditions dlitelnogo sleep. Together scientists are trying to understand the direction. Some scientists believe that a person in a long hibernation can be put not only using drugs, but also self-hypnosis
In nature, hypernation in animals as it turns out not to be all the time of cold weather, periods of animals Wake up, briskly moving body temperature rises, but they at this time still do not eat different nuts but only warm up and then again fall into hibernation further, so probably there was no real bedsores or stagnation of blood. Previously, scientists believed that in nature hibernation in animals is a common long sleep, a kind of continuation of normal sleep, but after a long study it turned out that it is not so. After all, metabolism slows down completely, although not at 100%.
Normal sleep this off for a short while, although even in this period of time some people greatly lowers the temperature and reduces the metabolic processes in the tissues, if normal sleep these people bring to long gibernatsii, all of them will be as similar as sleeping in winter, squirrels and hedgehogs.
Natural hypernation of the human species is not threatened, rather, scientists will find a way to medical challenge such a state, rather than nature will reveal its secrets of sleep.
Artificial immersion in sleep
In nature, prolonged sleep in animals in a bad sense does not affect health. Ditalino studying hibernation in the nature of squirrels and hedgehogs Italian scientists from the University of Bologna learned how to send givotnyh in a daze without any obvious in the nature of reasons. No cold, eating a lot, and the squirrels sleep and the sleepy hedgehogs roam. Moreover, it was possible to send to hibernation those species of animals that previously did not fall into hibernation under any conditions. In order to send the animal into hibernation, it is only necessary to correctly influence a certain group of neurons in the brain area of raphe pallidus. When natural animal goes into hibernation, the division seems to stimulate the hormonal releases. Scientists from Italy have no problems can go to sleep even ordinary rats, for this purpose, introduce a special medicine in the raphe pallidus, and all the mice and rats fall into a stupor. In General, as can be understood from the experiments, scientists can actually affect the brain to cause numbness in animals, the next stage of research is a person. To immerse a person in anabiosis is already possible, but to immerse a person in a long hibernation without consequences for the body is not yet possible. It remains to be hoped that in the future not "pure chemistry", but brain stimulation to some extent will cause a state of suspended animation and automatic regulation of all vital functions at the minimum level necessary for life.

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