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 Scientists: the human brain unique Scientists: the human brain unique
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It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy! It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy!
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There is assumption, that the Sun to us immigrated from far the from far?

There is assumption, that the Sun to us immigrated from far the from far? Those stars that we now see in the night sky Shine more than one million years at least for this period of time the stars are significantly removed from their place of birth. This campaign, this movement scientists call stellar drift. At this time, mathematicians and astronomers have developed a system that allows us to determine the initial point of birth of the star,the initial point from where the star began its journey through the night sky. Applying these calculations to the Sun, the scientists concluded that the Sun used to be much closer to the center of our galaxy. For all the time of its existence, the Sun flew away for 2 thousand light years in the depth of one of the sleeves of the milky way galaxy away from the Central region. This is not the limit for travel, many of the stars that at the initial stage stood next to the Sun flew much further.
Milky way galaxy is not an old and little-produced star galaxy, on the contrary, it is a dynamic place in which different processes just boil. Our galaxy has satellites, dwarf galaxies, from which gas flows into our galaxy and even entire stars run away. Some stars, in contrast, are thrown by the galaxy into space and then they fly alone to meet the void. Milky way galaxy at this time growing star system, it appears the stars, it captures in the outer areas of the building material for its development in active mode. The galaxy is expanding at the speed of 500 meters per second. Along the way, the milky way collides with other star systems, the last such space accident occurred 2 billion years ago and scientists are already actively writing about it. In the Central region of our galaxy the stellar substance is more densely concentrated, there just and the most active stellar zone, stellar mangers. The farther to the periphery, the stars are born less and less. In order to find out where the star was born and where it flies, you need to calculate a lot of events and moments of influence, the task is extremely difficult.
Although difficult, but still possible, astronomers from the Leibniz Institute of astrophysics in Potsdam have implemented their theory of position counting, these calculations allow much less expensive to know the past position of the star in space along the time line. The new system of counting the position of stars is akin to space archeology, in order to learn from where and where the star flies, take to study the composition of the star and the age of the sun. At this time, the primary position of more than 600 stars similar to the Sun is being studied. While about the method that it is difficult to say exactly, and about its accuracy as what is not clear, we only know that the method is being tested and perhaps in the future will be to some extent useful in the study of the past stars.
In the meantime, it is known that scientists were able to see a direct link between the age of stars and the content of iron in them. It turns out that the older the star, the closer to the center of the galaxy it was born and then to this day drifts into the outer sleeves of the galaxy. Stars and now drift, but their speed is not as great as before, the movement is not even slow, but very slow. The closer to the center of the stars were born, the less kinetic energy it remained at this time. Now it is clear that the stars millions of years later may be at a considerable distance from their place of birth. Stars on properties similar on the Sun could be born anywhere in galactic disk. If we consider the stars which are several billion years old, then they may at some stage strongly influenced by the collision with another galaxy. The movement of these old stars is somewhat different and doesn`t look like the movement of the young stars.
Everything seems to be clear and understandable, but a reasonable question arises, where was our Sun born
Scientists have studied this topic and tried to learn about the past of the Sun as much as possible. The sun now flies in its orbit about 8 kiloparsec from the galactic center. If someone is clearer in light years, it is about 26 thousand light years from the Central region of the galaxy. Accurately until even this method nor what not reports, clearly understandable, that the Sun was born where the closer to Central area, and here is where and on how many close, then here already hundreds of different answers.
The latest and most accurate method of which in this case we are talking about reports that our Sun was born somewhere in orbit in 23800 light years from the center of the galaxy, and only then along the time line and gradually flew to the periphery and now flew in fact 2 thousand light years from the original point of existence. It is as if far, but not a record, there are stars-fugitives who flew many times further, in a shorter time.

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