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Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain? Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain?
If you want to build a computer on what that image and likeness, then in that case you have to copy it exactly.... [2017-03-12]

 Scientists: the human brain unique Scientists: the human brain unique
People say, "our brains work differently, but nevertheless they are unique," and at this stage of the tests, a team of scientists from the University Carnegie Mellon has proven that it is literally so.... [2016-11-20]

Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet
Have you ever been at a reception at the therapist? The doctor first takes the Stethoscope and starts to listen to your heart and lungs, for the presence of a heart murmur or rales in the lungs, if not, then the doctor ex... [2016-01-09]

It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy! It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy!
Previously, not one physician or group of physicians so definitely not claimed to use smartphones not very desirable. There have only been warnings about that.... [2015-03-06]

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Are there other worlds in which we know about our civilization*

 Are there other worlds in which we know about our civilization* Studying deep space scientists from Germany have made a special list of places where it is possible potential live aliens.. in addition, there is also a list of such places where for a number of reasons would have to know of our existence. Scientists also pushed the theory that can on called to know those who live in that far, not yet known worlds. With these insights, you can see the list of studies of the University of Belfast. According to experts, the larger the size of the planet, the worse it is illuminated by its star. Illumination of the sky so that the aliens look to the sky from your planet often will see our planet than the real UFOs from other worlds.
How many alien civilizations in the Universe If you rely on the Drake equation, the number is not as great as one would imagine. In the formula of many parameters, even identified the properties of galaxies. Even with all that, the dataset was that extraterrestrial civilizations of great variety. A lot, but who is not yet able to pinpoint the planet in a certain constellation, and to say clearly and distinctly that there is intelligent life and she knows about our existence. As it turns out a paradox, it is and science has adopted and called the "Fermi paradox".
A group of Western scientists decided to go to the problem of counting civilizations to the backyard. It was decided to examine the visibility of our technological civilization in the visible Universe. That will see the inhabitants of the neighboring star systems if you look at our home Ground in powerful telescopes. Here`s what happened, it appears from all the huge list of possible civilizations, only 2.2% actually will be able something to consider on the planet. Calculated even chance discoveries of three planets with extraterrestrial intelligence, such a discovery is unlikely, the probability of a seek to 0 and equal to about 0,027.
So to see us and examine only those aliens who live closest to the Earth exoplanets. But if they were as smart as us and they all have telescopes, otherwise they will blind spectators of the Universe. These worlds already available 65, they indirectly already studied, if they have a reasonable life at the same as we level, we also clearly have found and also learning. The glare of the planet in sunlight is not great, we will be able to see only the 10 planets of 65. All 65 planets clearly see mercury. So we saw, we need to glow brighter in the night sky.
Out potential scientists that inhabit star systems HASP-11, WASP-68, WASP-47 can really us to study with high probability. Also if the planet LkCa 15b is life, its inhabitants us has just found. Planet there and they are obvious, but there is no possible habitat for the protein of life, apparently this is still none of the humanoids is not found. OR FOUND, BUT science is silent about it.

Where are the aliens

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