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Intel is developing a smart-glasses Intel is developing a smart-glasses
Recently, the American company Intel showed at the exhibition smart and very light glasses. Glasses really smart and fit in the palm of your hand, and in appearance is no different from the usual analogues.... [2018-02-20]

The brand develops Tesy heating devices that support Amazon Alexa The brand develops Tesy heating devices that support Amazon Alexa
In the network there is evidence that the manufacturer of heaters, brand Tesy in the near future is going to release a series of heaters, which will be integrated into the voice control module.... [2018-02-20]

StoreDot battery for electric car charging in just 5 minutes StoreDot battery for electric car charging in just 5 minutes
Fill gasoline engine it is five minutes, if enough money and queues at the gas station there. Gas stations everywhere a lot, so on this part so there are no problems.... [2018-01-14]

Meet the new high-capacity drive from the Samsung SSD T5 Meet the new high-capacity drive from the Samsung SSD T5
According to statistics, approximately every couple of years, Samsung releases new high-capacity disk drive, the parameters are improved over and over again.... [2017-09-26]

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"Amos-4" was successfully launched into orbit
Early in the morning from a space platform on Bacanora launched rocket with the satellite Amos-4. As the missiles used the Zenit-2S?" accelerator "DM-SLB". The Russians into orbit Israel "Amos-4", this is not a military satellite, a satellite for communication in a broad sense, for satellite Internet, broadcast TV, etc. All systems of the spacecraft worked in normal mode, timed satellite was launched and delivered in the right place....
Binary system is a frequent phenomenon in space
Russian Scientists believe that binary systems in space it is also common as single stars. Many stars of the moment have a companion, but then the force of gravity combine the two stars in the big one. Binary system is a system of two stars in which one star is large, and the second is smaller and they both revolve around one another. If this is indeed the case, we can then explain the appearance of stars with a mass more than 200 Solar masses....
The Sun increased activity
Tuesday from the Sun towards the Earth there was an emission of charged particles. The resulting plasmoid just threw it in the direction of the Earth. The release has fixed all ground-based and space observatories. In the direction of Earth flew around a billion tons of plasma, it is all the way and all will not get to us on the way deflected in many different directions, but still part and not a small breaking 150 million km to reach us....
How many black holes in space?
I guess if anyone is interested in a space theme would like to know "How many black holes in the Universe?". To answer such a hard question, probably because the Universe itself we all do not see in modern means of communication....
Supermassive black holes
In Order to understand something about the black hole, about how she arranged her need to study. Which was actually occupied by separate groups of astronomers in different parts of the world. Periods these groups make interesting statements that are created on the basis of new discoveries. 20 Symposium 12 December 2012 was discussed a lot on the theory of Black holes....
Another mystery of black holes
Black holes are objects that can be observed only by circumstantial evidence. Much of what scientists know about black holes obtained by studying other objects in the Universe. The universe holds many black holes about which we do not even know, and in turn, they themselves are mysteries that are yet to be solved....
India develops its positioning on the ground
India becomes a developed space power. If you have your own navigation system, then you have quite a capable country. Russia has its own navigation system, America and China completes its "Baidoa", that India has stated its intention to create for the first time, its own national positioning system. The name of her IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System)....
CoRot worn out
European engineers in 2006 launched into space apparatus CoRot, which was intended to look in deep space exoplanets gradually develops its resource. The Agency CNES satisfied with the system, she worked for more than set time in almost two times. the Last communication with the satellite was held last fall, with telescope downloaded a huge Bank of data on the studied star systems and exoplanets....
Kepler-37b is the smallest exoplanet
The Americans are constantly exploring the space provided for possible habitable planets. Almost all space Observatory, one way or another, but are connected with the search for distant planets in the belt of the lives of stars. The Kepler Observatory has already made a lot of discoveries in this direction. Electronics on Board is working properly and apparently the telescope more than one planet will help to detect at least....
Launched a new satellite of NASA is TDRS-K
Space Agency NASA launched a new space satellite family TDRS-K Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-K Is a new repeater for television. Took off the rocket in Cape Canaveral, the landfill is located close to the equator in Florida. The launch of spacecraft was successfully held at 5.48 p.m. Moscow time. This is the first successful launch in 2013....
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