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Altivar 61 and its purpose

Altivar 61 and its purpose Today, in many industries there has been a trend towards the use of electric drives adjustable speed of rotation. Mainly the use of such devices economically feasible in the water supply and ventilation. In fact, the drive reduces the costs of maintenance and operation of all equipment. So does the reduction of electricity consumption in consequence of the optimization of processes. The control system has not become more complicated, but on the contrary even easier. If the drives were harder and repair them was just costly, currently all solved easier and easier changes if desired or damage.
I Want to tell you about this device (the Electric Altivar 61). This drive has been specially designed for the systems of water supply and ventilation. Due to the power saving mode according to a quadratic law, the use of Altivar 61 entails a clear economic benefit. If the speed of the engine does not need a high (in the moments swap to a desired pressure level in the tank), then the power consumption can be reduced by up to 50% of value, but this is assuming of course be included in the chain of Altivar 61.
For easy control of power consumption in real-time Altivar 61 can visualisierung on its Board (this option can be activated if desired menu Altivar 61).
As you know Altivar 61 is provided with a mass of protective systems (current, overheating, power, etc) But there are times when you need meekly temporarily enable Altivar even under unfavourable operating conditions. Then all locks the machine removed and Altivar 61 runs until not "Die" or not will accomplish the mission.
Altivar 61 according to the degree of security at the appropriate level with all standards and requirements in this area.
You can build Altivar on the pressure sensor and install the system, so that Altivar and the engine almost all the time will stand and to work only in that case if we select in the system. As you can see not always the selection of candidates in the system, but almost always runs the pump. You can choose on the control panel of Altivar 61 (Incidentally it may be remote, if you Altivar 61 for example hid in a high-voltage cell and once again there is better not to climb). There is a mode for manual control of the engine and automatic. For example, you decided to check the barrel on the pressure and in order to bypass the pressure sensor go into manual mode and gradually add pressure depends on the behavior of the barrel and the pressure gauge.
If Altivar 61 to equip card switching of pumps, one Altivar 61 may be able to control multiple pumps in a cycle alternately. In fact it us just the fact that you can use with Altiware 61 to five pumps, but a smooth argument and support pressure systems is one adjustable motor. Interesting idea, but the implementation of this type of connection for Altivar not always interesting for the consumer. If the consumer such production, it is more likely and savings you can buy and install several altiverb 61 and not to use one. Several devices it is always a margin of safety, and in terms of sanitation and the supply of this important aspect.
So if you want to automate ventilation or water, 61 Altivar created for such purpose. Although we have applied and in elevators for smooth lifting and refinement of the basket under the floor and in many different conditions. Everywhere Altivar 61 worked perfectly.

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