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Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain? Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain?
If you want to build a computer on what that image and likeness, then in that case you have to copy it exactly.... [2017-03-12]

 Scientists: the human brain unique Scientists: the human brain unique
People say, "our brains work differently, but nevertheless they are unique," and at this stage of the tests, a team of scientists from the University Carnegie Mellon has proven that it is literally so.... [2016-11-20]

Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet
Have you ever been at a reception at the therapist? The doctor first takes the Stethoscope and starts to listen to your heart and lungs, for the presence of a heart murmur or rales in the lungs, if not, then the doctor ex... [2016-01-09]

It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy! It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy!
Previously, not one physician or group of physicians so definitely not claimed to use smartphones not very desirable. There have only been warnings about that.... [2015-03-06]

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Altivar 31 the most common type of actuators

Altivar 31 the most common type of actuators What is Altivar 31 and in fact what is it for Large engines in production a lot, but you with me of course agree that the average power drive mechanisms much more. And according to this and the demand for the automation of this direction is much wider, and the use of APMS in this sector saves much greater in amount than the direction of optimization of large capacity. Working with this type of actuator long as the installer can only say that everything in this unit is left to chance, if you made a template on which the frame kernis, you can be sure that all types altiverb Schneider electric 31 series will be secured equally. Bolts and screws can be tightened and not be afraid that if I pull on the thread. You will not be able to do the usual keys, if of course not prisposobit the lever of Archimedes and call friends.
what to mount this unit on the mounting jacks is just one advantage, but also stupid mounting Altivar 31 you also need a schematic to engage with the scheme and to make easy the exchange of information with other elements of the scheme. For this was developed and the first well CANopen Protocol and Modbus later. It is now widely used both the communication Protocol and depending on requirements, can be used both via special adapters. In the age of high technology when the Internet just all mixed up, it is possible to arrange both remotely and in this sense these protocols simply find a solution. Altivar quite simply connect to the Internet via 3G modem or in a conventional twisted pair across the bridge Ethernet / Modbus, this will allow to control the system settings from anywhere in the World.
Hull transducer Altivar 31 is made according to all rules and by the rules .electrical safety according to the recommendations of IP55. In the delivery set includes disconnector Vario and a piece of wire, three-wire with special trimming resistor of 5 k . In General, buying Altivar 31 you are almost fully staffed in order to get the scheme simply starting of the induction motor. The scheme is applied and any electrician will know what to connect and where to tie the resistor and everything else. This simplifies the installation and reduces the overall cost optimization of the driven equipment. If you have any other requirements for the basic configuration, in any company which sells Altivar 31 you collect everything you want, everything is done just functional "blocks".
in order to connect the Converter you develop the scheme (if you purely need just in manual mode sometimes to change the speed, you can do a basic configuration), if something more complicated, then buy a box, panel mounting, cable with crimping and those sensors or actuators that are hammered into the scheme. Usually the installation of a simple control box for one motor on the basis of Altivar 31 time takes 4 hours in the presence of all necessary. If you have Altivar for example will stand in the pasta production in the shop where it is so hot, you can order ready-variant with additional external heat sink. In General, diagram or write tor and go to the store, and there you have managers under the scheme will pick up the package. The additional conditions (high humidity, dust, high temperature) should be reported in advance in the selection of Altivar 31 and relevant deteta.

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