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BullseyeBore - a device to make the holes vertical. BullseyeBore - a device to make the holes vertical.
Another tricky widget for DIY laser illumination for conventional electric drills.... [2015-08-24]

Hawaiian will build a Giant telescope Hawaiian will build a Giant telescope
Two major University in North America ( Canada and California) have agreed to the creation of the largest in the world practice of the telescope.... [2014-10-02]

The specificity of the connection of the furnace in the sauna The specificity of the connection of the furnace in the sauna
Saunas are different, the stove, too, are different! In any case if you follow some General rules, it is possible to connect an electric fire safe is not that hard.... [2014-06-01]

Electric oven in the sauna! Pros and cons of such decision. Electric oven in the sauna! Pros and cons of such decision.
Decided to build a home sauna.... [2014-05-27]

teleshema - Free operating instructions of consumer electronics


In the Netherlands, built a powerful telescope with fast filling
In the distant cosmos each moment is so many fun activities that all encompass the observations impossible. Some of the information comes to us in the form of visible radiation, and some in the form of short RF bursts. Scientists believe that signal is very informative, but short in duration and therefore called these signals "fast radio flashes"....
Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain?
If you want to build a computer on what that image and likeness, then in that case you have to copy it exactly. If you have a desire to build computer based on human brain, you need at least to copy the process of the brain. All you need to understand and realize to the smallest detail. If you believe IT news, it is probably the scientific world is very close to the successful implementation of idea....
Engineers have created a chip that itself can kill, if need be!
Probably really need to have that something that would have to store information was in decent volumes, there would be the possibility of integration processes with the portable electronics by means of communication protocols "Wi Fi or Bluetooth", but the unit can be very quickly eliminated, to make it non-working at 100%, the information you have on this chip previously recorded, disappears without a trace....
Scheme unwinding testimony induction meters on the chip To LP and Cle
Probably many are familiar with this option reduce the indications of counting devices as a normal unwinding. This system works in cases where you have in stock induction meter. In the case of counters, electronic or electro-mechanical, returning to Unscrew fail, but to reduce consumption almost to the losses in the wires is possible and very easy. In the diagram, all the settings worked out under AC 220V, 1KW load (iron)....
Roboauthor from Volvo will be guided by magnets in the road
Swedish engineers develop a new concept of binding roboauthor to the road, perhaps in the future the cars on the streets of Oslo will drive reading data from certain places under asphalt paving. As embedded elements you plan to use conventional permanent magnets. The essence of the project lies in the fact that the robot is trying to teach to understand the position of the car at any point of the trace relative to markings on the road....
HDTV - High Definition TV ? TV format of the future
More and more device in our day support HDTV - High Definition TV, in that at this time the front part of scientific research in the field of television occupied large mass of minds. Develop this direction everyone who earns money on the delivery of information to potential users (this can be just advertising and news and everything for which you pay money)....
Radio 1986 (all rooms)
Magazines Radio for 1986. Do not know what the schema can be found, but scrolling through this binder I remembered something. For example, the generator of random signals for automatic lighting effects on logic To 155 or system to protect the speakers from DC voltage in the breakdown of the output transistors....
Narrowband FM receiver at 27 MHz
All who have ever been interested in radio and electronics at least once, and tried to repeat any receiver, CB radio 27 MHz, I also not exception. Here you bolted the schematics of a simple FM receiver on 27MHz, if you set it up, and then we can build an appointment and to 27 -29 MHz with no visible change in cutting rooms. In the receiver module is used narrowband modulation frequency with swimming frequency left and right to 2.5 KHz....
Sensors, systems of automatic control
do Not always have the opportunity to look into some equipment or container or Cabinet, to control the work, but the decision was all there. There are different range of sensors which can be tied according to a specific logic on the device and as a result know that at some point of time occurs in the controlled area in the chain of machines and equipment....
Robotic arm for people with paralysis
There is a surprising fact, Robo-hand now helps people to control the environment around them. The fact that the two people after stroke who lost control of his hands decided to provide all possible assistance, created a kind of manipulator. The manipulator control goes from the sensor which is located in the brain of the patient. The main thing that people thought about where we should move the hand and what to do and then she will perform....

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