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BullseyeBore - a device to make the holes vertical. BullseyeBore - a device to make the holes vertical.
Another tricky widget for DIY laser illumination for conventional electric drills.... [2015-08-24]

Hawaiian will build a Giant telescope Hawaiian will build a Giant telescope
Two major University in North America ( Canada and California) have agreed to the creation of the largest in the world practice of the telescope.... [2014-10-02]

The specificity of the connection of the furnace in the sauna The specificity of the connection of the furnace in the sauna
Saunas are different, the stove, too, are different! In any case if you follow some General rules, it is possible to connect an electric fire safe is not that hard.... [2014-06-01]

Electric oven in the sauna! Pros and cons of such decision. Electric oven in the sauna! Pros and cons of such decision.
Decided to build a home sauna.... [2014-05-27]

teleshema - Free operating instructions of consumer electronics


Next to the big black holes strong winds of charged particles
Yet scientists can not say exactly what is the usual black hole, everything that you know about it all this is just an analysis of indirect data multiplied by guesses and observations. I recently watched as a black hole absorbed matter from neighbouring stars scientists have discovered something unique, this is the area with bright flashes similar to lightning which blow a huge wind of gas molecules and dust particles....
Scientists have learned to control the reaction of nuclear synthesis
Scientists for decades working to develop a system to control nuclear fusion and that reaction certainly was with the release of energy. Previously there were some difficulties in the implementation of the plans, but now it seems everything behind and controlled nuclear synthesis reaction carried out. Learn more about achieving you can read in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters....
Is there in near space to orbit the Earth radiation cloud?
Scientists are not the first year studying the effect of cosmic radiation on astronauts and equipment in outer space. There also rotates on the orbit of the ISS and several satellites God knows, probably if you search, you may find something quite useful for life on Earth. Scientists are constantly arguing about global warming, about global cooling, everywhere want to attach humanity`s impact on the world around us....
Scientists have created a super powerful laser in diamonds
The story Belyaev "Hyperboloid of engineer Garina" read many, since the writing works, it took a lot of time, but to create a super powerful laser with long pulse case as it turns out very difficult. Lasers with a short pulse of high power to create is much easier than in times of lesser power but with a greater duty cycle in operation....
The launches of Russian missiles (video)
Less than a week since that moment as in Russia celebrated the day of the Space Forces. October 4 is celebrated not by chance, in this day in 1957 was launched into orbit in Kazakhstan spaceship with the first artificial satellite aboard. In order that the occasion was a gift in the Ministry of defense of Russia have created a colorful video. The movie brings together all the rocket launches from different space launches at different times....
In the Universe, perhaps there is a fifth mysterious force
Four fundamental forces act in the Universe, and this idea is supported by physics. At the moment it is – gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear forces. Now, a brand new subatomic particle that carries with it the possibility of the existence of fifth fundamental force....
The stars, too, have atmosphere and sometimes it even happens a large percentage of water vapor..
In this publication there is a speech about the space wanderer with a rich water vapor atmosphere of such stars were first found and recorded as opening in 1995, the size is like a star, and a planet with a solid surface. Weight is not as big of a star, so it began a full-fledged nuclear reaction, the mass in this case only 7% from solar. As a result, when the warm up, the star gradually fades and loses its temperature....
Scientists believe that humanity can abandon the use of fossil fuels in 10 years
The idea of humanity to abandon fossil fuels, rather not new as you think. Researchers from the University of Sussex argue that our civilization could well do without oil and coal after ten years, the study is based on the historical evidence, which, as a rule, were ignored....
Elon Musk proposes to produce a thermonuclear explosion on Mars
Mars is farthest from the Sun after Earth was one of the first candidates for colonization in the future. However, the conditions on the rocky surface of Mars make it quite difficult for settlement. There is good on this topic predictions and sometimes quite dark, because 96% of the planet is atmosphere is a conventional carbon monoxide, oxygen is there but less than 1%, live on Mars of course you can, but in the capsule in airtight spaces....
New Horizons received New images of the satellites of Pluto - the Nicta and Hydra
2015 h really can be called the year of great discoveries, in this year, the fastest probe in the history of exploration of outer space sent photos of the most distant planets of the Solar system. Yes, indeed probe "New horizons", on Board of which is a nuclear reactor operating on Russian nuclear fuel dispersed so much that he didn not even stop to make a turn near Pluto, flew at high speed further....

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