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BullseyeBore - a device to make the holes vertical. BullseyeBore - a device to make the holes vertical.
Another tricky widget for DIY laser illumination for conventional electric drills.... [2015-08-24]

Hawaiian will build a Giant telescope Hawaiian will build a Giant telescope
Two major University in North America ( Canada and California) have agreed to the creation of the largest in the world practice of the telescope.... [2014-10-02]

The specificity of the connection of the furnace in the sauna The specificity of the connection of the furnace in the sauna
Saunas are different, the stove, too, are different! In any case if you follow some General rules, it is possible to connect an electric fire safe is not that hard.... [2014-06-01]

Electric oven in the sauna! Pros and cons of such decision. Electric oven in the sauna! Pros and cons of such decision.
Decided to build a home sauna.... [2014-05-27]

teleshema - Free operating instructions of consumer electronics


NASA is seeking resources to build a base on the moon in the near future
Perhaps only the lazy do not want to master the moon, all the countries of the world are eager to our companion, all of them would like to build their lunar base there. To want as they say is not harmful, it is harmful not to want. The Chinese probably step on everyone`s heels, as they have many times more money than any of the players in the lunar race....
Analysis of space weather — the success of missions to Mars
Have all the mass media reported not just that the Americans are the first and they at this stage are closest to the implementation of a manned mission to Mars. The flight is planned for 2030, plan a little, you also need to guarantee success, and in order that there was any guarantee, must at least know of space weather in a particular sector of deep space....
Electric plug simulates a salty taste
Sometimes you want salty, or salt the food, but salt is harmful to your body, then what to do? There is an option and it is not strange not from cooking, but from the world of high technology, experts have developed a plug which emits short pulses and thereby excites the receptors that feel the salty taste....
It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy!
Previously, not one physician or group of physicians so definitely not claimed to use smartphones not very desirable. There have only been warnings about that. Time goes by everything changes, you can use your smartphone as a mini computers, so it is not harmful or harmful then have to think what to say....
New semiconductors from Toyota
Japanese semiconductor technology developers learn the new components, the use of modern microprocessors in the future should increase the stability of road transport. Basically it is the chips that are used in engine control systems, their introduction in a broad sense will allow you to save money all kinds of resources. Toyota together with Denso learn a whole new line of chips for the automotive industry....
How to protect the cables from rodents?
As for those who are building houses, and for those who operate an important one and the same moment, how long will last transaction in the apartment? What is the impact of the factors on it in a negative direction? As it turns out negative factors are much more positive not at all! Over the years, any wiring gets old and deteriorates....
What alternative energy sources are there?
There are different ways of obtaining energy, the person of all is not known, but from what already is used to say that half clean, and the rest with some side emissions. Actually exist on Earth with a population of 6 billion is very difficult without renewable energy sources. Previously used to burn both gas and wood or fuel oil and oil to get electricity....
Simple indicator mains voltage
Often for stable operation of any radio equipment or anything that got in the house from the electronics required to stabilize the voltage. But for example a refrigerator or microwave does not have a pronounced stabilization in General his performance in the medium price segment, and surges very badly affect the operation of these devices, there are even cases of output for this reason....
Robot Asimo from concern Honda Motor
Japanese Corporation Honda Motor upgraded all known robot "Asimo", this robot already young people associating with the brand Honda, so throwing this development did not, but slightly modernized. the Robot is smarter, the robot is movements became more confident, he even learned to jump on one foot and not fall over. The casing is the Asimo was almost hermetically sealed, it can now work in the dust and in the rain....
Design of electric lighting. (Diploma)
Design of electric lighting. (Diploma) in order to write something on this topic need to have an idea and a brief plan for action. Here we briefly decided to draw up a plan for this event. As usual we start the project with a brief introduction and we enclose in the "Introduction". Next, as usual, and after it there is confirmation in reseth (Calculation part). Now everything is in order from the beginning. 1. The General part. 1.1....

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