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BullseyeBore - a device to make the holes vertical. BullseyeBore - a device to make the holes vertical.
Another tricky widget for DIY laser illumination for conventional electric drills.... [2015-08-24]

Hawaiian will build a Giant telescope Hawaiian will build a Giant telescope
Two major University in North America ( Canada and California) have agreed to the creation of the largest in the world practice of the telescope.... [2014-10-02]

The specificity of the connection of the furnace in the sauna The specificity of the connection of the furnace in the sauna
Saunas are different, the stove, too, are different! In any case if you follow some General rules, it is possible to connect an electric fire safe is not that hard.... [2014-06-01]

Electric oven in the sauna! Pros and cons of such decision. Electric oven in the sauna! Pros and cons of such decision.
Decided to build a home sauna.... [2014-05-27]

teleshema - Free operating instructions of consumer electronics


Engineers are teaching the robot to walk
Robots, that is to say systems that are in varying degrees, facilitate human labor in factories, at home and on the streets at this time a great many. The issue of expanding their diversity dramatically not worth it, there is a need for greater autonomy in decision-making and mobility movements in the real world. That`s actually two areas where developing modern robotics....
Samsung introduced its new smart fridge at CES
What good is a refrigerator Samsung? First of all, the fact that they are not afraid of voltage in the network, their compressors are protected from overload, as the refrigeration system of this manufacturer do not require a forced defrost, they are as necessary cyclically shed excess ice....
The first image of the atom and electron orbit
What you see in the photo, this is the first direct picture of the electron orbits of the atom! In order to obtain this result, the researchers used a new type of quantum microscope – a device with a radical new approach to the study of quantum particles. The analysis of the orbital structure, or so to say the wave functions in space-time occupied by the electrons....
Artificial mustache, will help robots to navigate
Many animals, such as cats, rats, dogs, and even seals use whiskers as additional sensory systems to recognize objects in the dark and can feel confident in the conditions of lack of information about our surroundings....
In November will appear in Russia Philips Xenium V387
European consortium Philips in a short time, until November 2014 in Russia intends to submit its new phone Philips Xenium V387. The main feature of this phone can be considered a powerful battery, and although the design is noteworthy. The thickness of the device is only 9.75 mm. There is even a special button that, when clicked, the phone goes into a mode of minimum consumption of electricity....
Mini-robot Jimmy from Intel
Company smart remote has developed a unique robot, it was able to create using a 3D printer. Although so say the product printed on a normal printer, it also has the ability to move and perform certain functionality. The robot will be sold as a normal constructor. The robot to go on sale in a box disassembled. For only $ 1600 you can buy a smart child a unique structural material....
Out-of-Warranty repair TV
Although the TVs are still there in large numbers in homes, but still this product is gradually disappearing into the background. If you have a computer at home, this would be enough to see the Sjava Nimble:)) Those who do not know what a cell phone and especially what is the computer and originating from the 60s of the last century, individuals leading companies with a world name release more TV sets of different type and different format....
iStruct robot APE
The Scientists are building robots on the way, simulate human functions. Created robots that are more human than thinking just a piece of metal. New humanoid robot-the image is not difficult, it to have some intelligence is also already possible, but to mimic to the max the person while that kind of fiction, although something that is done in this direction and there is even a successful solution in different directions....
Robots Bo and Yana will accustom the child from childhood to electronics
Future generation, especially the children playing is not in cubes just, and e-dice, all of them related to electronics and toys in the form of small robots Bo and Yana. They can be controlled remotely enough to have a tablet and robots. The tablet is a special program PLAY-I and the child, even with five years will be able to manipulate the device remotely. and the Robot has a gripper and maybe even the flowers you bring, or what you want....
Robot AMBER 2 simulator of the human gait
While little robots similar set of functions and skills in person, in certain areas the robots better. You can create a robot porter with a transfer function of things, or cleaner robot, but to create a fully analogy cyber man is not yet possible. it is not impossible it is not worth trying....

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