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BullseyeBore - a device to make the holes vertical. BullseyeBore - a device to make the holes vertical.
Another tricky widget for DIY laser illumination for conventional electric drills.... [2015-08-24]

Hawaiian will build a Giant telescope Hawaiian will build a Giant telescope
Two major University in North America ( Canada and California) have agreed to the creation of the largest in the world practice of the telescope.... [2014-10-02]

The specificity of the connection of the furnace in the sauna The specificity of the connection of the furnace in the sauna
Saunas are different, the stove, too, are different! In any case if you follow some General rules, it is possible to connect an electric fire safe is not that hard.... [2014-06-01]

Electric oven in the sauna! Pros and cons of such decision. Electric oven in the sauna! Pros and cons of such decision.
Decided to build a home sauna.... [2014-05-27]

teleshema - Free operating instructions of consumer electronics


Samsung is involved in the race for satellite Internet
Many Internet companies are concerned that not all the space where people live covered the Internet. Many markets are not available for the filing of commercials, so as to work off this space, decided to create a global system of satellites in low orbit, the idea is not new, but it can improve and access to the world database on one side and with the promotion of goods and services on the other....
IBM connects the elements in the chip-like structures in the brain of rodents
IBM collaborates with the concern DARPA project neuro-amorphous adaptive plastic scalable electronics (Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics ? SyNAPSE) since 2008, and the aim of the project should be created systems that differ from conventional computers and work, like neural networks in the brain....
Cloud platform for robots
European scientists are developing a "cloud" for robots. Robots with this cloud service will be able to connect directly with a global network, and the connection can be from anywhere in the world. Processing will be conducted with the remote server machines and the robot to complete the work then you will be the gateway to exit SETI and equipment to receive data....
Model Lumia 800 with Windows Phone OS 7.5 Mango
Nokia to court users in London presented a unique phone models in which pre-installed the operating system Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. The model is nicknamed "Lima", although with no name (Lumia 800 and Lumia 710). This is essentially the firstborn in the mobile world running OS Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 are not sliders and side sliders, Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 simple candybar....
Integrated chips GSM
Increasingly develops the cellular market and already Mature more global plans the owners of cellular networks. The meaning is, that as much as possible to connect to their network subscribers and therefore money. It is no secret that the pace of purchases of cell phones and cards of mobile operators is declining every year. After all, not born so many users of cellular communication as would have wanted manufacturers and phones and SIM cards....

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