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Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain? Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain?
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 Scientists: the human brain unique Scientists: the human brain unique
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It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy! It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy!
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Simple white noise Generator

Simple white noise Generator How then I to configure the antenna needed a noise generator. It was written in Toluca configuration that you want to use the generator "White" noise. I began to look for where to buy something similar. As it turned out the noise generator to buy is not a problem at all. It is the price of this noise generator, one from another scheme if and differed not significantly, but the price is very, very biting. Without hesitation I took the "primer" ham and found there a diagram of the noise generator to TTL logic. I think a great mind does not need to collect on chips affordable simple noise generator. How to set really do not write, but empirically what I set up then Yes:) actually, what and how to set up, I will tell you and even the diagram will show what I found online without descriptions and hints on the authorship. If I knew who the author is, then there would be less hassle and noise generator I would sdead max over the weekend. The scheme turned out on the PCB, etched in ferric chloride and painted lanes ordinary zapon varnish. There is no special secrets. Parts for the generator noise is not required, because Shang the noise generator that I have extracted just the model as it turned out later.
On the diagram, you can see where it produces chaotic oscillations. The source of noise is the transition frequency of the transistor VT1. The fact that the transition of the transistor pagsapit and is in a state of breakdown. To enter a transistor in this interesting condition can trimmer, it is marked in the schema as R2 . Once the signal is received it is too small in amplitude and it needs to be strengthened. Usilitelei chain is capacitive filter SDS. The low-frequency signal taken from the resistor R10 them if necessary and adjust the magnitude of the signal. Depending on what harakteristika resistor and you will receive a smooth regulirovanie from a few millivolts to 100. I think of this magnitude is enough to any of the equipment to be configured.
ABOUT how I painted the seal I think is not interesting at all. And how to configure So it works with a kick and just as I pointed out some of the resistors is something to peregolosovat. In principle, it is sufficient to collect all principialnoy the scheme and it will work easily. In General, such a noise generator I have collected during the day. Longer charge probably cut and etched pattern and soldering and setting the noise generator time took very little. Well in short, if you can a few words on this topic to scratch...
first things First ghonaim in the generator mode selection resistor R2, we have one goal to achieve the maximum signal level, and what to do about the matter otherwise. The oscillation frequency can be adjusted by the resistor R1. Next, break the toggle switch SA2 in the scheme of the noise generator and select rezyuk for number 8. The task is to lower the signal level is 10 times relative to the closed mode SA2. Modulation is adjustable by selection of conder C3, modulation should be at 100% and the triangular signal if the switch SA2 open. In General, complex during Assembly of the generator there is no noise or anything, try it and you will succeed...

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