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Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain? Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain?
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 Scientists: the human brain unique Scientists: the human brain unique
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It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy! It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy!
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Sine wave Generator

Sine wave Generator 1. Introduction (sine wave Generator)
As the result of a repair amplifying equipment I needed to make my own generator of sinusoidal signal at a frequency of for example 1 KHz. In principle, one could use the Yandex search and come up with something of your own method alterations. And could re-invent the same Fedotowsky generator, of which the entire Internet is littered with information. Not all certainly true, but something interesting and besides fediucova found.
I have tried a lot of different schemes of sine wave generators. But they are clumsy. One is too big and has a lot of in my opinion unnecessary obosom. Other works and is simple, but the frequency of "walks". In General I suffer with the choice of a stable sinusoidal signal generator, but the solution was found. Dealing with schemes of some devices it became clear to me that any generator has a node stabilize the amplitude of the output signal. And if a little more creative with this part of the scheme, the result is not bad ARU, which can be bolted anywhere, even in your own power amplifier in the control channel of sound. In General the solutions are many and variations too. This is in regards to the theme from somewhere in my head came the idea to create their own "sine wave Generator".
Digging into directories I discovered the news, not a sine wave generators have to ARU stability. Some solve the problem of the stabilization of the oscillation amplitude. But this solution I do not like, because a lot of harmonics spurious output is obtained. Yes, and this scheme works sinusoidal generator with a delay that sometimes too much missing in the process. And if you talk with the position of the technical solution, the excess binding stabilization amplitude complicates the diagram on the right, which is also not Gud! So I decided to look for a scheme without this ARU, and found the same as it appeared very quickly.
How you can actually obtain a sine wave of a given amplitude and frequency for a sine wave generator You can just make the generator triangular pulses and to provide it with the limiter amplitude that way to cut the tops of the pulse. As a result, Oscillogram can be seen that the triangular pulse is modified to 90% similarity to the sine wave. A little tailor scheme and you already have a sinusoidal signal generator is very easy to solution and implementation. I made it up myself, I learned it in one of the rooms of the journal "God in me", where I came across the solution of such plan on the discrete element. If you decide to minimize the design, you can use the import MAX038 chip out there that something like this is implemented. But if it is used for the implementation of a sinusoidal signal generator, then I think you will get too expensive, because MAX038 is by my count about 10 bucks. Searching the directories analogues I found the chip XR-2206. It is a bit cheaper it turns out that it costs three bucks. In General, I used it not mudra inclusion in the model as written in the books. After analyzing the signal came to the conclusion that, in principle, the fact that they write in tamutech on this chip is all true, except for some linear shifts in the waveform. In General, the tops of the wave front were not smooth with some blockage to the side. But this does not greatly affect the operation of the circuit as a whole. The fact is that if we need a clear signal, the chip XR-2206 will not go, and will need to look for a sinusoidal signal generator different solution. Although if you do not care how many harmonics, and most importantly there is a signal, then the solution of the sine wave generator on the chip of the XR-2206 is quite tolerable. I did just that. In a few hours I had a pretty good generator of sinusoidal signals to check nizkochastotnoi amplifying equipment. Always at your service Alexander Sokolov.

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