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SpaceX successfully launched the newest NASA Tess telescope (Video) The Americans were preparing for a long time, a couple of times postponed the start, but still brought into orbit a new satellite to search for distant exoplanets. 2018-04-24 Diamonds of the destroyed planet What is happening in the world can never be an axiom! If diamonds on Earth are few and at a price that is in distant space there are diamond planets, whole worlds diamond. 2018-04-24 The boiler needs cleaning every year and a half What to do with the boiler, if he scored? 2018-04-06 Air purifier and humidifier with your own hands The air in the apartment can be a simple solution to significantly clean from dust, and all you have at home, you only need a desire to make an air purifier with your own hands. 2018-03-30 What make the frame for a high-voltage fly swatter I have to ask, what is or rather what material to do better under the frame perimeter with a fly swatter, the answer below 2018-03-30 Samsung will soon unveil the biggest SSD in the world 30TB! Requirements for ROM is growing and now just around the corner Koreans will create the world`s largest SSD, its capacity as much as 30tb 2018-03-29 High-voltage fly swatter with their own hands If you live in the countryside, you idea with high-voltage fly swatter is just like 2018-03-29 High-voltage device for obtaining bee subpestilence Bee subpestilence is a unique remedy for a variety of diseases, but to buy dead bees sometimes harder than to catch them yourself, here`s a device for catching bees on the subpestilence. 2018-03-29 The company Altera robotics has given watch opportunity video call! Now, if you have on the table smart watch, Altera Robotiks, you will not get up from the table to make a video call to mother 2018-03-01 To spy on us for smart TV Samsung? Non-profit organization Consumer Reports found many options of TV that keep track of users, and have low protection from burglary. 2018-02-21