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The mission of TESS once again scored, this telescope has opened a third in their lives exoplanet HD 21749b. Mission TESS discovers its third new exoplanet HD 21749b, this is only the beginning, but in the future such discoveries should be at least as much as they were at the Kepler telescope. 2019-01-21 American and Chinese tricks in the development of the moon Were there Americans on the moon question? But were there Chinese, two ?? 2019-01-21 How black holes are born Scientists already have remote monitoring tools that allow you to see anything at a distance of even 200 million light years 2019-01-21 Intel has decided to surprise everyone with its new 48-core chip. Intel is challenging AMD for their new 48-core processor 2019-01-21 Russia has created a quantum chip and the first release of a quantum computer is not far off Scientists have created a special otic-quantum chip, the introduction of which in computer technology will allow a much closer approach to solving the problem associated with the creation of a really working super powerful computer 2019-01-21 In deep space, there are many different planets, there is as it turns out diamond and even sapphire worlds The diamond planet actually turned out to be sapphire, so at least scientists spoke out, but where is the guarantee that everything was not the other way around? 2019-01-02 Are there glaciers on mercury? There are they there or they are not there, but scientists model glaciers of mercury, apparently there is an assumption that in the craters on the hot mercury is still ice. 2019-01-02 Scientists believe that our universe is nothing but a bubble that gradually creates an additional dimension. Our universe: a bubble expanding into an additional dimension. Scientists, that is not a day that come up with new stories. It would be better explained that there is in fact an electrical current:)) it would have more Sense! 2019-01-02 Space is quite a reality, it is for this reason that tourists are so eager to go there... Virgin Galactic company has built a unique rocket plane, which in the test flight has already reached the lower limit of space 2018-12-24 Commemorative coin in honor of the fact that the moon flew spaceship Apollo 11 Flying or not to the moon astronauts from the United States, but a commemorative coin to release yet decided 2018-12-24