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What are the clouds on Jupiter? On Jupiter very beautiful clouds, when viewed from a large distance, the picture is similar to the cut marble slab 2017-11-24 The merger of two large galaxies Just being at a great distance from these two objects, they can consider and assess the scale of the event 2017-11-24 Engineers are teaching the robot to walk The learning process of the robot the skill of walking is not as easy as we would like, so you need to be patient and wait for the implementation of the plans, in the meantime, the baby thing trying under laboratory conditions to go 2017-10-11 The latest Saturn photos by Cassini "Cassini" is no more, but a huge Bank of information were now at the disposal of scientists there are many new and useful information that in the future would like to clarify the theory of the origin of the rings of Saturn 2017-10-11 Geomagnetic storms and the storm in the Sun The Sun consistently stormy, and the Ground geomagnetic activity is considerably high. 2017-10-11 "The space reflector" Shine in earth`s orbit In orbit in 2018 will appear iskusstvennaja star at an altitude of 575 km, it will glow like real but moving the asterisk 2017-10-11 Star Antares in the constellation Scorpius Telescopes already so strong and so sensitive that it can observe the stars in the constellation Scorpio, as if it were our Sun. 2017-10-11 Meet the new high-capacity drive from the Samsung SSD T5 SSD drives T5 not only has small size, it still has a large information capacity and the speed of reading and recording information 2017-09-26 The Samsung still decided to release a smart column Long thought, but still decided to release a smart column, though according to analysts, the market is highly compacted such proposals 2017-09-26 Sun increased activity Everyone who is watching our star noticed increased activity on its surface, the Sun does not behave in quite predictable 2017-09-26