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Astronomers caught a very powerful lone pulse from a massive pulsar What`s it? There are many versions, from the most unimaginable in which the possibility of using a radiolaser on A Bose-Einstein condensate in a degenerate electron gas of a neutron star is considered. 2018-11-27 The network is actively discussing the first photo from Mars, which made the probe InSight Photos are clearly not high quality, it apparently shot through the exhaust pipe, as the what is slightly bloated. 2018-11-27 Mission Cheops will monitor single, but very bright stars Cheops mission will be launched in October-November 2019 with the Equatorial launch of the Soyuz rocket 2018-11-27 On the MKS found resistant to antibiotics species of bacteria and viruses On the MKS found bacteria resistant to antibiotics, the situation is repeated, something similar happened with the station MIR 2018-11-27 Soon on the sky you will see a comet with two tails We are all used to the fact that comets have a tail and it is always directed to the thoron against the Sun, but there is a comet with two tails 2018-11-27 Scientists believe that in the future for astronauts Anubis in the process of flight is commonplace Anabiosis as a protective function of the body for a person is not the usual state, but scientists tend to believe that this is so far, but in the future everything can change exactly the opposite 2018-11-25 Something big flies behind the orbit of Pluto at a great distance from the planet and the Sun Scientists have discovered at a great distance from Pluto Grand object in size 2018-11-05 Flies to the Earth amazing in color comet 46P/Virtanen. Comet 46P/Virtanen in the form of a Green ball the size of Jupiter and it is rapidly approaching the Earth 2018-11-05 What is actually the planet Earth with a distance of 43.3 million km The Parker probe took a picture of our planet from a distance of 43.3 million km, the quality of the picture is simply amazing:) 2018-11-05 Where in our galaxy is the youngest pulsar known to science? Scientists have found the youngest pulsar in the milky way galaxy, found it thanks to the Chandra Observatory 2018-11-05