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Giant telescopes will show mountains on exoplanets The power of modern telescopes is already enough to see not only the exoplanet itself, but also to consider the mountains and the sea on its surface. 2018-05-02 After 14 years of planning, the European Space Agency targeted mercury In Europe, there is clearly no financial crisis, the European space Agency plans new flights into space 2018-05-02 Russian-European probe TGO has transferred to Earth his first shot of the surface of Mars European money and Russian technology in action, a joint TGO probe (Trace Gas Orbiter) began photographing the surface of Mars 2018-05-02 Powerful flash on the dwarf of spectral class M Even on dwarf stars can be tremendous releases of energy, the proof of this case under the name ASASSN-18di 2018-05-02 Mission "Gaia" creates the most detailed map of stars in the Galaxy and its surroundings How many stars are there in our galaxy? Where they`re hiding and whether it is possible with maximum precision to describe all of us in the surrounding area? 2018-04-27 WASP-104b - one of the darkest open exoplanets Whether it is light on the surface of the exoplanet or not, everything depends on the brightness of the star itself and how the surface reflects the incoming radiation flux. 2018-04-27 Astronomers suggest new and wandering massive black holes in the milky way That Kala stirs deep space, something big, and scientists suggest that it may affect so the stars and gas of the nebula wandering black holes. 2018-04-27 SpaceX successfully launched the newest NASA Tess telescope (Video) The Americans were preparing for a long time, a couple of times postponed the start, but still brought into orbit a new satellite to search for distant exoplanets. 2018-04-24 Diamonds of the destroyed planet What is happening in the world can never be an axiom! If diamonds on Earth are few and at a price that is in distant space there are diamond planets, whole worlds diamond. 2018-04-24 The boiler needs cleaning every year and a half What to do with the boiler, if he scored? 2018-04-06