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To spy on us for smart TV Samsung? Non-profit organization Consumer Reports found many options of TV that keep track of users, and have low protection from burglary. 2018-02-21 NASA is seeking resources to build a base on the moon in the near future In order to build a base, we decided to postpone the program of construction of the most modern telescope 2018-02-21 Intel is developing a smart-glasses American company Intel has decided to make their ability to create smart things, now the company`s engineers are busy creating smart glasses 2018-02-20 The brand develops Tesy heating devices that support Amazon Alexa Smart things becomes more, in the near future, even the heaters will understand human speech 2018-02-20 SpaceX-what will happen after Falcon Heavy? The next step for Elon musk will be the rocket BFR 2018-02-15 Smart control your smart home from TP-Link Developed the concept of electronics control in the apartment through the equipment TP-Link 2018-02-15 Management of all smart home devices through the communication channels of Bluetooth You can control the whole smart home and each device separately via Bluetooth channel, prototypes of such a system are already available. 2018-02-15 Next to the big black holes strong winds of charged particles Scientists after observations of bright flashes near the black hole came to the conclusion that in these areas the strong wind of charged particles. 2018-01-23 Scientists have unearthed something new regarding the atmospheres of planets of giants Previously believed that the atmosphere of hot Jupiters are evenly heated, but it is actually may be quite non-uniform. 2018-01-23 If you have a good smartphone, then you already can using a device to look for the rare speck of dust Under ordinary smartphone appeared app that will allow a communication device to use as a mini laboratory to search for rare cosmic particles 2018-01-23