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There is assumption, that the Sun to us immigrated from far the from far? From where and for what reason did the Sun come exactly to where it is with a bunch of planets and is currently? 2018-09-19 NASA Tess telescope works stably, found the first exoplanet The new NASA Tess device for observing distant planets has already found its first exoplanet 2018-09-19 Solar Observatory in new Mexico-closed at the direction of the FBI It is strange, why would such an Agency close the Observatory, which has nothing to do with the security of the country.. Or does it? 2018-09-19 The most suitable according to the similarity with Earth exoplanet Proxima b is studied in an expanded manner Proxima b is probably the closest exoplanet to Earth with similar climatic conditions. Perhaps all true, and perhaps they`re right quite the opposite! 2018-09-19 For the modern NASA/ESA Hubble telescope found a new task The satellite will search in the far corners of the Universe for the earliest clusters of stellar matter 2018-09-19 NASA scientists believe that a flight to Mars for a man in danger of losing the mind Radiation exposure during the flight to Mars for the crew of the manned mission threatens at least the loss of brain activity and dullness 2018-09-19 Jupiter turns out to have three magnetic poles Jupiter as a planet never ceases to amaze scientists, recently the gas giant discovered the second South pole 2018-09-19 The first detailed images: Japanese probe is close to the asteroid Ryugu Japanese probe for three years of constant flight flew into deep space at a distance of 2.8 billion kilometers. 2018-06-27 Roswell: tourists for the first time will be given the opportunity to visit the UFO crash site In the United States decided to make more money on the desire of society to see and perhaps feel the aliens from distant galaxies 2018-06-27 Telescope Chandra observes two red galaxies nuggets Powerful telescope Chandra finally made it to the galaxies that the scientists in the form of dubbed it as red galaxies nuggets 2018-06-27