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Circuit breaker

Circuit breaker Why do you need a circuit breaker The point is that the circuit breaker is the very minimum that can protect your devices and the internal network in case of overload. And overload are different and even those that just to make sure it is hard. Can include a lot of instruments and equipment and to ensure that the supply line to protect against overload and destruction, set the circuit breaker. It may be short circuit and in this case, so there was no big "Bach", you need to install the circuit breaker. Here are his own and there are two basic criteria that will make you put the circuit breakers at the entrance to the power supply system.
automatic Transfer switches after the cut-off is not difficult, it is done easily and without any hassle. Importantly, the circuit breaker has given you a sign that the network something is not right and you need to take action. Or to limit the consumption, or to seek the cause of the increased current in the internal circuit after circuit breaker. It happens on occasion include many devices and then activates the constant current, automatic thermal protection is triggered. But there are cases where when the machine is not tightened lead wire and the contact is heated to increase the transition resistance. This leads to heating of the circuit breaker, and usually trigger occurs it is not on the item. So that if the circuit breaker has tripped, look for the reason why it worked. If you correctly picked up by his consumption of the circuit breaker, the reason you will find. If I bought just the right circuit breaker, the option will be disastrous. In the best case will hurt the machine somewhere down the chain, but at worst your protection just skip the stress and strong heating of the wires, and this may cause a short circuit and a fire at work. About how and to choose for the network circuit breaker I will tell you. It is not difficult and if the school in mathematics was at least 5 points, you with the task of counting and calculation of protection for your own home through the use of the circuit breaker can handle it for sure!
When you come into the store, see you there Manager to foist. His task is to sell more expensive, and your task is to buy a circuit breaker such that you need and preferably cheaper. If you offer circuit breaker is not known to the manufacturer, it is clearly necessary to refuse. Yes, and cracked or damaged in job circuit breakers should not put. Do not put clearly large capacity machines than you need. Buy circuit breakers strictly under your network settings and load. It is advisable to buy circuit breakers manufacturers, I mean the brand is known and not those that do at Malaya Arnautskaya in Odessa". Even if the circuit breaker famous brand, buy in places where trust, because you can label one manufacturer to attach a forgery. In respectable stores like crap all the little people involved.
In General you are better of course to ask at a specialist whom you trust, and then to go to the store. Next, I will tell you how to determine what type and at what current you need a circuit breaker First, you must choose a machine to connect known loads it is necessary to calculate the current. Most importantly, to short circuit the machine cut off the supply network. The formula for calculating short circuit current.
I=U/Rk where U is the voltage (220 / 380V)
R is the loop resistance phase-zero
to is the correction factor for the machines of category b: K = 5; parameters: K =10, the characteristics of D: K = 50.
Calculate the minimum rated current at which the automatic.
I min n = 4.55 P where R all consumers power (kW) that can be energized after the circuit breaker. In the formula 4,55 is the proportionality factor (A/kW)
the Main thing to observe the condition of the circuit breaker:
You have Selected the circuit breaker must meet the condition:
I min n
also, the circuit breaker must trip when a long period is not significantly exceed the load current, so to speak thermal protection. Here is everything you need to know when choosing a circuit breaker for your home.

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