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Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain? Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain?
If you want to build a computer on what that image and likeness, then in that case you have to copy it exactly.... [2017-03-12]

 Scientists: the human brain unique Scientists: the human brain unique
People say, "our brains work differently, but nevertheless they are unique," and at this stage of the tests, a team of scientists from the University Carnegie Mellon has proven that it is literally so.... [2016-11-20]

Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet
Have you ever been at a reception at the therapist? The doctor first takes the Stethoscope and starts to listen to your heart and lungs, for the presence of a heart murmur or rales in the lungs, if not, then the doctor ex... [2016-01-09]

It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy! It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy!
Previously, not one physician or group of physicians so definitely not claimed to use smartphones not very desirable. There have only been warnings about that.... [2015-03-06]

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Smart control your smart home from TP-Link

Smart control your smart home from TP-Link If you build an appliance management network in your home based on the switch TP-Link, HS100 and HS110, you can manage such a network from anywhere in the world. It is easy to integrate and configure new devices in the network, to manage the devices at home you need a built and ready hs110 network and a good smartphone with The Kasa app on Board. In addition to the fact that the system can be controlled remotely, it can still be enabled by the previously specified program. The light in the hallway can be included in the twilight, in the garden paths will be highlighted already when will be very dark, etc. You can monitor the operation of devices in real time, you can monitor their consumption for a certain time. the HS110 system has the following functionality:< / h3> All network devices can be controlled from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or computer. You can create special control modes for all devices using timers and load controls. Special software monitors the power consumption of each device in real time. Optionally, you can display the consumption table for any reporting period, the log is maintained and stored with a sample date. The magazine is convenient if you decide to optimize energy consumption in the house and smoothly will choose the only convenient schedule of work of all devices and the equipment. The light of the house and on the plot can be switched on a special schedule, at the entrance you can install a motion sensor that will control the lighting as the person approaches. You can set such a program that the observer from the street will think that someone at home is, because everything will turn on and even the volume will be adjusted on some devices (if desired).
Intellectual management of all devices animates the house, from the side it seems alive, inhabited, although not always there are people, their presence will still be felt. So, do not worry, your home is not alone and Rob him, few dare.
The device network HS110 can be controlled with just one button via the Kasa app menu (iOS and Android) . If you want to manage your system in voice mode, you can use Amazon Echo (sold separately) for this theme. the HS110 is mounted very quickly. It is enough to connect it to the supply voltage and to the Wi-Fi network. Next, we buy and install the necessary devices from the set and manage them on schedule remotely via the interface of the Kasa software solution in a smartphone or tablet. An important feature is the control at any time from anywhere.
Managed contacts can be controlled from anywhere in the world, there would be desire and access to the Internet. By the way, even a little thing like turning on a light when you get up using a regular phone. Simple and convenient, the light turns on, and move not necessarily, you can still get some sleep. You can choose an economical mode of heating the house. For some time before joining with heat the fan will warm your home and you will be in complete comfort. As you probably understood the system from TP-Link, HS100 and HS110 was created in order to really save money on bills for heat and electricity. If you integrate solar panels and battery system into your smart home, you can even reduce energy consumption from external suppliers to zero, moreover, also sell energy to the network, if you sign a contract with the energy company for the flow of capacity. In General, as you understand the theme "Smart house" hides a very wide range of devices, which optionally can be used at their discretion.
Devices and equipment for intelligent networks TP-Link can be viewed on their official website or at the distributor Lancom.

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