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Engineers from Samsung are working on a new type of charger

Engineers from Samsung are working on a new type of charger Engineers from Samsung company constantly improve their products, moreover they make different inventions and patent them with an enviable regularity. The fact that patents are tracked by journalists and born as a result of diverse assumptions about the new gadgets and different innovative solutions. All partly true, but not all the patents Samsung brings to the counter a large part of patents is a dead-end branch of evolution or something practical for the future (and suddenly someone will find their design to good use and then... it will be possible to withdraw some money).
Recently, the network again began to discuss a new application in the U.S. patent and trademark office, the application was submitted and approved, we are talking about a new type of charger is a wireless charger double type. To understand what does "double" need to look at the photo that is assigned by the patent. Apparently the essence lies in the fact that one charger to charge several gadgets. Something like the developers of Cupertino is already available and is not a bad demand. Station from Apple called AirPower.
The device will work in the framework of the standard Qi (inductive, resonant) charging. Used a special coil and a controller which selects the type of charging depending on the device. If you believe everything you read on the subject, one charging from Samsung now quite enough to recharge all the gadgets in the house, unless they have the ability to draw energy for charging without a direct wired connection.
So far, neither what exactly this patent is not known, but many are trying to tie him up with some future project where it would be possible is an innovative solution to push and receive interest and profit. Perhaps this charger will come with the new Samsung Galaxy S9, because he wrote about earlier in terms of supporting the Wireless Charging. With this type of patent is clearly not a miss, after all, this topic develop and Samsung are also forced to do something with their chargers so as not to be on the side of demand. By the way poor phone X iPhone from Apple, which recently began to sell already supports wireless charging. If the issue Galaxy S9 will be like a competitor for this phone, then it must be the wireless charging function of the battery. If that doesn`t happen, then Galaxy S9 is not a flagship and not a competitor to the new Apple gadgets.
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