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What are the clouds on Jupiter? What are the clouds on Jupiter?
On Jupiter you can see the Land and see not a large smeared stain, unless of course you have not the worst Amateur telescope, if you have a very good telescope, you will see not much more, because to Jupiter than one bill... [2017-11-24]

The merger of two large galaxies The merger of two large galaxies
About news more detail can be read in the "Astrophysical journal". What scientists saw through the peephole telescope slightly surprised in the picture you can see exactly what so interested the whole scientific world.... [2017-11-24]

The latest Saturn photos by Cassini The latest Saturn photos by Cassini
Before you die in the atmosphere of Saturn probe "Cassini" was able to maneuver and took photos of the dark side of the planet. Parting shots with those places that are not normally visible.... [2017-10-11]

Geomagnetic storms and the storm in the Sun Geomagnetic storms and the storm in the Sun
The last activity is recorded on the Sun in the last days of September. The outbreak has spawned a large stream of charged particles at great speed went in the direction of the planet Earth.... [2017-10-11]

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Scientists have made a battery out of waste

Scientists have made a battery out of waste Landfills around the world are growing like mushrooms, there is something there to grow new dumps, mankind is unable to cope with the growing pile of household rubbish. Garbage more and more. Ukrainian city of Lviv already fully immersed in the garbage, it is not just the second Vienna or the city like a fairy tale, it`s just a bunch of garbage with your sites.
If scientists did not think about the utilization of different stuff, it would be doubly sad. But as practice shows, not all is so bad under the blue sky. Recently, I slipped on the Internet positive news. Scientists have long dug and studied the landfill and concluded that the PR the modern development of electronics and technologies, it is possible from the trash to create neat batteries for portable electronics. Apparently from the waste consisting of waste batteries scientists by the method of repeated cleaning get necessary elements for the production of new batteries. Just developed the technology to create batteries on the potassium ions is at least a basic level of "Green energy".
Scientists collected waste from batteries and were treated with potassium permanganate to extract the metal ions. Has received thus ions of iron and Nickel, which in the next stage of processing, combined with other elements. The result was the construction in which on a special grid obtained deposited metal salts. This mesh can now pick up ions from the solution to give ions in solution. Potassium ions moving in the solution from one electrode to another to provide the conductivity of the medium.
Now the most common batteries work on lithium-based technology is fulfilled to trifles all as if all are satisfied, but the difficulty is that Lithium on Earth not as many as we would like. Besides, lithium batteries are very specific in their work, if not a little to sustain the technology, the battery may catch fire and even explode, which not everyone likes. Alternatively, the scientist suggested that sodium batteries, their production is much cheaper. Sodium as an element is more common on Earth than Lithium. While the alternative works only in laboratory conditions, but even this news is a real breakthrough. New batteries have a large capacity, the discharge voltage and the stability of cycles.
The use of secondary raw material makes the battery more appropriate for systems which aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. It is not known whether and when the new battery will come from the lab, and get it in real device, but such studies explicitly promote the technology forward, and we have to accept that.
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