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What are the clouds on Jupiter? What are the clouds on Jupiter?
On Jupiter you can see the Land and see not a large smeared stain, unless of course you have not the worst Amateur telescope, if you have a very good telescope, you will see not much more, because to Jupiter than one bill... [2017-11-24]

The merger of two large galaxies The merger of two large galaxies
About news more detail can be read in the "Astrophysical journal". What scientists saw through the peephole telescope slightly surprised in the picture you can see exactly what so interested the whole scientific world.... [2017-11-24]

The latest Saturn photos by Cassini The latest Saturn photos by Cassini
Before you die in the atmosphere of Saturn probe "Cassini" was able to maneuver and took photos of the dark side of the planet. Parting shots with those places that are not normally visible.... [2017-10-11]

Geomagnetic storms and the storm in the Sun Geomagnetic storms and the storm in the Sun
The last activity is recorded on the Sun in the last days of September. The outbreak has spawned a large stream of charged particles at great speed went in the direction of the planet Earth.... [2017-10-11]

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Created a 1000-core processor

Created a 1000-core processor Probably you are aware of multicore processors even the phones already have eight cores on Board, and computer centers are already using builds that allow you to use much more multi-core chips. At UC Davis have developed a system KiloCore in which a CPU contains 1000 cores this system is very useful when a parallel computation as decrypting passwords, analysis of scientific models and video processing.
This chip is not so super due to the presence of such a number of cores for parallel computing, it`s all about opportunities to actively manage them. It is possible to actively regulate the work and the inclusion of the desired number of cores under a certain load. This system allows to save energy resources, which is very important in large data Centers. By the way, the chip consumes so little that it is able to work well by the feed element at 1.5 volts.
Unfortunately, this miracle of technology will not see mass production. The University has commissioned IBM to create a chip at a relatively old 32-nanometer technology, while currently on the market of chips for 14 nm technology in all uses. With high probability it can be argued that in near future there will be a similar system for mobile devices and the parameters they will be much better than those that were obtained in laboratory conditions.
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