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The first detailed images: Japanese probe is close to the asteroid Ryugu The first detailed images: Japanese probe is close to the asteroid Ryugu
The Japanese in 2014 she launched into near space to its most modern probe"Hayabusa-2", and for the three-year period of the flight, finally it has reached the intended point and got to the asteroid Ryugu, now between the... [2018-06-27]

Telescope Chandra observes two red galaxies nuggets Telescope Chandra observes two red galaxies nuggets
The group of galaxies red Nuggets scientists discovered more than a decade ago, this group includes not large in the number of stars clusters, but at the same time in the galaxies of these simply huge stars and with their... [2018-06-27]

Where should I look for life on Titan? Where should I look for life on Titan?
While it is difficult to understand, but also to imagine that on Titan can be a reasonable life, although scientists around the world are more and more inclined to think that this is so, apparently there is some indirect ... [2018-06-27]

Giant telescopes will show mountains on exoplanets Giant telescopes will show mountains on exoplanets
How to consider on a distant planet mountain ranges, plains and seas? At least a very powerful telescope is needed to resolve this issue.... [2018-05-02]

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Scientists have created electronic skin

Scientists have created electronic skin Organisms in which electronics and biology will be combined into a single whole will probably soon appear in scientific laboratories. Already created a lot of electronic versions of the normal biological material. Recently scientists have even announced the electronic skin, it is not surprising, because previously it was reported that already created smart prostheses that are able to fix. What does it mean to be repaired? It seems in the understanding of scientists just means that dentures can restore a small ragged damage. If you use electronics in this direction, the waste will be less, the environment will be less polluted by different unnecessary, and sometimes quickly breaking down parts.
Normal skin has hundreds of millions of different receptors that connect to the brain and report tactile sensations by means of an electric pulse. Electronic leather may well also provide the same. Temperature sensors, pressure sensors, even humidity sensors can also be implanted into such skin. Combining everything into an electronic system and tying all this splendor on the nerve endings of the human brain doctors eventually get skin, which is nothing different from the usual, but it is clearly more durable and practical.
The fact that in laboratories at this time is obtained and called "human skin", or rather its analogue is assembled on the basis of available components. All gathered pile up, said something to restore the damage and here you have an innovative solution for bio robots. Bio robots will not be afraid of damage to such skin, the skin will consist of layers and when one of the layers will be damaged chemical reaction and damage itself will be delayed. When will damaged a lot of the skin, such electronic skin will be removed and grow back in a special solution. First, the skin will dissolve, and then on its basis will create a new one, the same as it was before severe damage.
So far, it is difficult to tell where such a device can be used, except not in medicine and not in prosthetics of the skin. Scientists also tend to believe that such a skin can even equip spacesuits for spacewalk and this in turn will allow astronauts to feel the tool in hand more clearly. Electronics, as science evolves very quickly. So, what we now call e-skin, perhaps tomorrow will be a 2.0 skin with an even broader range of functionality. In such a skin, you can integrate anything from a cell phone to a conventional GPS Navigator. Ecologists are very excited about this electronic skin, because it can be easily recycled without clogging the environment. Garbage in landfills and so enough, if something is created for the sake of garbage has become less, in any case, this decision is worthy of attention.
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