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How to protect the cables from rodents?

How to protect the cables from rodents? As for those who are building houses, and for those who operate an important one and the same moment, how long will last transaction in the apartment What is the impact of the factors on it in a negative direction As it turns out negative factors are much more positive not at all! Over the years, any wiring gets old and deteriorates. And the ground wire is oxidized, the cable insulation dries and cracks and that is not all the worst thing that can happen to a cable or wiring in your home.
If it is a rural area, he is another harmful factor is rodents. Recently rats and mice love the insulation on the cables to nibble, what they like about her it is yet a third, but the fact is this is the place to be and very much used throughout Russia.
If the transaction in the land, then the probability that the rat or mouse will find it comes down to a simple accident, but if you route the wire under the floor, in the empty spaces of the house where the mouse feel more than at ease, the result may be very poor. If we are to lay the cable in the basement in the open areas, then you should ensure, that mice and different rodents are unable to get to them.
in practice rat burrows not make big in the damp earth, they basically laid the cable in the ground does not spoil, but voles and different type mice in these places more than actively wielded his teeth. Do not be lazy to hide the wire in a metal sleeve or cover a protective cover in those places where the wiring passes from one structure to another underground mining method.
There are probably some other ways to protect the wires from mice, in each case, a solution may be different. There are General methods of solution, although in each case can be solved cheaper and easier and faster.
first things First wire must be laid where the mouse will not be able to get them (wall, ceiling), just hide the wires in the wall under the plaster and all solution. If the noodles 2.5 of the square in the wall to hide, then say the ASW was observed H mm, you are already in the wall can not hide. This cable even bend without fixture does not work.
If paving the wires in the panel house "standard cut", then everything is more than clear. The top go through the channel between the plates or in the cavities of the plate. There should be enough, if the plate is not clogged garbage in you can not get at least a bundle of wires under all the needs of the dwelling.
Mouse there just does not climb, one reason they have not yet learned to chew on a concrete slab.
If this is the side wall and it is not laid on the concrete tube under the wire, that option is there too. Take a grinder with a circle, wear a respirator and at a distance in centimeter cut depth 7 mm two grooves. Then shearing the gap a bit and here is the wiring groove. If you lay the wire, the mouse will not Parisot. You could hide the wiring under hipocrate, that in cases where the suspended ceilings and make decorative wall style.
Under the floor in prefabricated houses or who harness pads not unless you use a "Teplolux, in order to realize an old idea of "warm floor", and that in such a case, the wires are all filled with a solution and none of the mouse they will not be disturbed.
In conclusion, it should probably say that in the 21st century mice in prefabricated houses on the floors just does not happen! There is no where to hide. In the basement there is a lot, but not on the floors! So that the fight against rodents by the method described above can be successfully only in the country or in the house on the plot.

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