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teleshema - Free operating instructions of consumer electronics

Altivar 71 great find for drive control of the Elevator.

Altivar 71 great find for drive control of the Elevator. Experienced Altivar 71 Italian winch. Gear is not provided and the actuator is directly coping frequency preobrazovatelem. So at least the Italians have in mind.

When I saw the prices of new Altivar 71, the first thing that surprised, so the price is much lower from such analogues OMRON l 7, GE VAT200 and narrates V500 or 700. Had to try out Altivar 58 and to sharpen it under the control of the elevators, so my opinion of Altivar 71 "Definitely better than 58f". The main task for me to select the drive was as follows. A sufficient number of outputs (no desire to hang every rattle, I want to buy and immediately implement the solution). Should be the function of the brake control. When choosing on prices and read functionality, Mytsyk, and the General fell just with the first request. The output was not enough, and the other additional firmware to do was to control the brake. In General bought Altivar 71 with the card encoder (feedback rotation).

As always first read the instructions for the devices. Was pleasantly surprised that the menu at Altivar 71 and Altivar 31 is almost the same. It is enough to study the function of one device and you with success for a couple of hours set up similar new order advanced device drive.
IN principle it could be decent to work with and without encoder, but it was decided to use the analysis of the relief drive belts or rupture (which can hardly be because I was not flying straps never, if they regularly change after operating a certain limit hours). After tying encoder on the shaft and installing the encoder on in the process of tracking and cliff became quite real.
71 Altivar can rightly be called the Elevator altiware, since there are many new features which are inherent in the Elevator. Control of the brake control output contactor control over heating of the brake resistors. But what distinguishes the latter, so that the control and engine and encoder which is in mechanical connection. Softness at any load eliminates slippage. Watched probably half day at work and did not notice the starting surge speed never. Just super!
Altivar 71 great find for drive control of the Elevator.
Of course Altivar 71 sufficiently implements the process of Elevator control, but sometimes still need to do some manipulation. And in such cases without the microcontroller simply not enough. Any software process can be described in the language of "List"and fill in the microcontroller for further processing together with Altiware. Altivar on the serial bus can be easily integrated with the microcontroller. Inputs and outputs in this design a lot and analog and discrete, which extends the management and selection of operating modes of the Elevator. The controller reads all the main parameters of the working moments of altiware, analyzing both the current and speed, and torque.
If for example to implement a weighting function (what is the mass of the cart with passenger 2 passenger 3 passenger or more) and, accordingly, to develop a smooth release of the brakes at a different load. This technology is the flexibility of the regulation and the smoothness of the basket lift is no longer dependent on weight, any weight, smoothness remains stable. Yes it is worth noting another fact that Altivar 71 is almost two times cheaper than its smaller brother Altivar 58F, although the algorithm is the same!

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