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To spy on us for smart TV Samsung?

To spy on us for smart TV  Samsung? The world`s well-known organization Consumer Reports is exploring for security smart things came to the conclusion that most of them can be easily hacked and used to spy on users. If you are one of the potential buyers and dream about smart TV, then first be careful with the choice. If you rashly buy a TV with a built-in platform from YouTube or to surf on some set of web links. Know that the new acquisition can play a cruel joke with you, you can even become a victim of hacker attacks. Through such smart TVs as it turns out it is possible to collect information at times more than you can even imagine.
One of the non-commercial organizations Consumer Reports on the basis of its testing laboratory dismantled screws smart TVs from different manufacturers. Studied TV receivers-Sony, TCL and Vizio, Samsung, LG — all the most popular brands. And as it appeared in TVs of the last wave there are a lot of problems. All devices now monitor their users, and some TVs do not pass the tests for safety at all.

Perhaps you have arises on the idea of question What`s wrong with safety

There is an interesting addition in the report. During the tests used in the work of a group of computer scientists Dissconect, as an experiment, they remotely could easily hack into Samsung TV, via the line TV provider Roku TV. As a result, full control over TV management was obtained remotely. It was possible to turn the sound in any direction, you can also download applications from the network and install, as well as optionally play any even prohibited content from YouTube. Analysts are worried about the simplicity with which hackers hack remotely TVs, apparently this is possible only because in order to save manufacturers are not properly concerned about the quality of protection of such devices.
Samsung company and roku provider immediately appeared on the pages of Consumer Reports magazine with a kind of mild denial, they allegedly need to see everything with their own eyes and then they will deal with the problem so to speak. Later again so to speak stated, and confirmed the opinion on the products, all type not broken into and everything that was printed in the magazine Consumer Reports does not correspond to the real type of a problem. In fact, who admits his helplessness before hacking by hackers, because if you admit the error, they will be forced to perform, and this is a very large expenditure of funds. On a no one will not go voluntarily.
The hacking exposed and a TCL TV, he also stood in a cable network Roku, it just broke through the special functions of the Roku, which is actually all told:) In the package the Roku has an api which allow you to remotely monitor all software smart TV. For example, you can connect your smartphone and remotely control your own TV. On the one hand it is convenient, and on the other hand not a little of this security problems. Hacking is simple, the owner of the TV clicks on a malicious link that already activates everything you need to hack TV. Hackers first enter the network, and then in the TV interface itself.
The company that produces such TVs considers the issue of security is not serious, since the remote control function in one Wi-Fi network can be disabled. You can, but who`s gonna do it Most users in the TV box did not even look down. Bought, turned on and watching. TV except breaking even and is watching you TV tracking is at least not super necessary in the TV, although for advertising purposes is very, very important addition. Smart TVs are well sold, their share in the market is about 50% for the last year 2017. Data published by GfK. In the process most of the TVs that are sold now, can be in varying degrees to be smart. Basically, these TVs are bought because of any non-standard and fashionable solutions, which in the usual TV receiver is no longer put.
For example, there is a function "automatic content recognition", she knows your priorities keeps track of what you watch. When you look at something, you begin to offer something else to see. Something similar can be seen on the Internet, when your browser is tracked by cookies where and what he was watching, so you virus vparivat exactly the advertising that you think the creators just need. Is created around you comfort zone that you something extra to do, but just Tupelo and Tupelo. In the journal Consumer Reports in a special article on security write, that function "Automatic recognition of the contents" desirable at all turn off. You can also turn off the Wi-Fi receiver, but in this case your smart TV becomes an ordinary TV receiver. Some TVs constantly collect something about you and you as a user should know what you can give to collect, and what you do not need to give at all. TV is trying to control everything now. TV receiver would like to monitor everything that you are watching, even no matter what network you are on.
In General, you now know if you want to be peeped at you, we will buy smart TV Samsung or TCL, but it is better to buy Vizio because the company already has lawsuits regarding the unauthorized gathering through smart TV. Court the company lost in the US and paid the penalty for snooping without permission in the amount of $ 2.2 million. If you are being followed and you have not been granted permission, then this is already espionage, and it can be regarded as an invasion of privacy and will eventually lead to lawsuits against companies producing spyware equipment, which Smart TV is.

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