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Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain? Scientists have found the key to recreating the human brain?
If you want to build a computer on what that image and likeness, then in that case you have to copy it exactly.... [2017-03-12]

 Scientists: the human brain unique Scientists: the human brain unique
People say, "our brains work differently, but nevertheless they are unique," and at this stage of the tests, a team of scientists from the University Carnegie Mellon has proven that it is literally so.... [2016-11-20]

Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet Scientists from MIT have made sensor-tablet
Have you ever been at a reception at the therapist? The doctor first takes the Stethoscope and starts to listen to your heart and lungs, for the presence of a heart murmur or rales in the lungs, if not, then the doctor ex... [2016-01-09]

It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy! It Appears to use smartphones unhealthy!
Previously, not one physician or group of physicians so definitely not claimed to use smartphones not very desirable. There have only been warnings about that.... [2015-03-06]

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Physicists believe that electrons are practically immortal

Physicists believe that electrons are practically immortal The basic principles of physics say that electrons are virtually immortal. An exciting new experiment has confirmed this assumption empirically. Experience, however, gave the physicists a bit more precise definition of the duration of existence of these particles is 60 000 hours iota so big a number that is not enough space in the article to write it. And it turns out also, as the name implies in quintillion 5 times more than lifespan of the entire Universe. E biological an elementary particle that carries a negative charge. It has no parts, and is considered one of the basic building particles of the Universe. An international group of scientists working in the Borexino experiment in Italy, looking for signs of the decay of the electron to other particles, but the theoretical physics and as expected, nothing was found. This is success for physics, as it confirms everything we thought until now. If scientists would have found evidence that electrons decay into photons and neutrinos after a while, it might violate one of the fundamental laws of physics the conservation of electric charge. Such a discovery would become the starting point from which begins an entirely new description of elementary particles. During the experiment, however, managed to achieve the most accurate is still the measuring life of electrons. One thing is clear, just 66000 (6.6 × 1028)hours the details of the research were published in Physical Review Letters. Article in APS Physisc explains how scientists reached this dizzying numbers. Installation Borexino consists of special detectors, which contain a liquid oil-based. When neutrinos almost mass particle with very weak interactions to electron knock out from the water, it lights up and gives an indication of physicists. The detector has 2000 cells, which increase the result, it was easier for scientists to analyze, and to learn the process. Scientists estimate that the sensitivity of the detector and the probability of occurrence of neutrinos in the splitting of the electron. They watched in such a case, the specific energy range that corresponds to the mass of the electron. After consideration of information received after 408 days of trying, scientists found nothing. They, however, managed to calculate the lifetime of the electron. This actually means that the electrons are indeed eternal because the universe exists significantly a shorter period of time. A new experiment improves the accuracy of the measurement 100 times the last such experiment was implemented in 1998 year.

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